April 2006 
For information on the benefits of coaching and some ideas on how your school might fund a mathematics coach, view this PowerPoint Slideshow. (227 KB)

Posted April 27, 2006

P – 12 Teachers – Would you like to become a mathematics coach, working at least half-time helping other mathematics teachers in school?

Primary teachers – Would you like to be able to work with your struggling students to improve their achievement in mathematics?

The Center for Mathematics in collaboration with all of Kentucky’s public universities is pleased to announce the following training sessions:

Coaches Training
June 5 - 16 at NKU for P-8
June 19 - 30 at Morehead for P – 8
July 17 - 28 at WKU for P - 12

Mathematics Intervention Teacher Training
June 12 - 16 at UofL for Number Worlds
June 19 - 23 at Murray State for Math Recovery
July 31 - Aug. 4 at EKU for Math Re