April 2007 
web - Freudenthal Institute: JAVA applets from the Freudenthal Institute that involve subitizing (flashing) fingers, dice, 10 bead rack, 20 bead rack, eggs (European count of 10 in a pack), and money. The top row of applets allows you to set the flashing time and the lower row of applets allows you to set the time limit of getting 10 correct. Although the words are Dutch, the applets are universally user-friendly.
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Updated April 26, 2007

DataWORKS Educational Research Math Curriculum Calibration Project

The Kentucky Department of Education is pleased to announce a partnership with the Appalachian Regional Comprehensive Center to bring a DataWORKS Educational Research math Curriculum Calibration project to Kentucky. Curriculum Calibration is a process that analyzes student work in order to measure the percentage of instructional alignment to grade level standards. Through this process, Kentucky will collect valuable evidence to inform math instruction and professional development programs.

DataWORKS will implement this program in Kentucky beginning this month. DataWORKS will register teacher participants, collect samples of student work, analyze student work and prepare a report that provides feedback critical to the ongoing needs of Kentucky’s math program.

The Kentucky Department of Education and the Appalachian Regional Comprehensive Center hope that your district will choose to partner with us in this work. Teachers of grades 4 through 8 and Algebra I are invited to register with DataWORKS at their online registration site DataWORKS will then contact teacher participants with details regarding how to collect and identify student work samples.

This collection and identification process is important; however, it is not time consuming. Teacher participants will simply be asked to:

  • Identify three students (a high performing student, a mid-level performing student, and a low-performing student) of one class

  • Collect the math work of those students during one week’s time

  • Label the student work with pre-printed labels provided by DataWORKS

  • Submit the student work in envelopes provided by DataWORKS

    Throughout this process, all necessary steps are taken to protect student confidentiality and teacher confidentiality. Data gathered during the Curriculum Calibration will be reported at the state level and will be used to inform all efforts of Kentucky’s math program. Data will also provide information that districts may choose to use when reviewing the implemented curriculum in their schools.

    Please carefully consider this opportunity and encourage your grades 4 through 8 math teachers as well as your Algebra I teachers to visit DataWORKS’ online registration site. Registration will take only a few minutes at

    If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Maricela Lopez at DataWORKS (800-495-1550). You may also contact the Kentucky Department of Education’s math curriculum staff, Joe McCowan, Charma Leveridge or Ann Bartosh, at (502) 564- 2106.

Posted April 20, 2007

Coaching Applications:  The deadline for submitting an application has now ended. Please contact  Jim Justice for more information.

Updated April 16, 2007
Posted December 18, 2006

Speak at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2008 Annual Conference

Posted April 3, 2007

Math Recovery Training   
Math Recovery National Conference (optional)

ING Unsung Heroes Award Program

All K-12 education professionals, whether or not they are clients of ING, are eligible. However, these individuals must be employed by an accredited K-12 public or private school located in the United States, and is a full-time educator, teacher, principal, paraprofessional, or classified staff member pioneering new teaching methods and techniques that improve learning. All awards must be used to further projects within a school or school system. Each of the one hundred finalists will receive an award of $2,000. Award checks are made payable jointly to the recipient and to his or her school. At least one award will be granted in each of the fifty United States, provided one or more qualified applications are received from each state. Of the one hundred finalists, three will be selected for additional financial awards, with the first-place winner receiving $25,000, second place receiving $10,000, and the third-place winner receiving $5,000.

Contact Scholarship America via email or by phone at (800) 537-4180.
For more information, visit the website.
Deadline: April 20, 2007

Posted January 26, 2007

Formative Assessment is becoming more and more critical as we continue our educational improvement efforts in Kentucky. Many individuals are not well informed about what formative assessment is and is not.

If assessment is the process of gathering information to inform instructional decisions, what are the decisions, that can lead to more learning and how can assessment help? Who is most likely to be making those decisions? What kinds of information are likely to be helpful? This Webinar will explore why and how the answers to these questions define formative assessment in productive terms.
When:  The next webinar is April 20th beginning at 11 and concluding at 12 noon.

Posted April 17, 2007

Exploring Geometry and Algebra with GeoGebra - Dynamic Mathematics Software Workshop
  • When: Monday April 9, 2007  4:00pm - 6:30pm
  • Where: Dixie Heights High School Library
  • Who: Middle and High School mathematics teachers
  • Details: View the Flyer

Posted March 21, 2007

2007 American Stars of Teaching

The American Stars of Teaching program is designed to honor exemplary classroom teachers who are using innovative teaching strategies to improve student achievement and positively shape their school environment. Every day America's teachers extend themselves beyond their classroom doors to meet the needs of all children in their school community. Don't miss this opportunity to honor a teacher that has made an impact on their students, as well as their school community, by investing in the lives of those they teach and sharing success with whom they work.

Nominate a Teacher! Nominations accepted until April 1, 2007.
Questions? Email U.S. Dept. of Education at

Posted January 9, 2007

Workshop: Teaching Mathematics with Applied/Contextual Strategies

In this workshop, teachers will learn methods and strategies for contextually teaching Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry. Teachers will learn how to connect the concepts of high school mathematics to career fields and how to make meaningful real-world connections for their students. 

Teachers may receive a stipend of $200 per day or professional development hours required by your district.  View the Flyer.

Complete the attached registration form by April 2, 2007 and fax or e-mail to Charma Leveridge ((502)564-9848

Posted February 19, 2007 

FREE  Formative Assessment ETS Web Seminar to be held in January, February, March, and April.  This professional development opportunity is great for teachers and coaches looking to improve their formative assessments.  >>Register Now!

Posted: January 03, 2007