August 2010 
KCM Front Page news postings:
  • The Kentucky Council Teachers of Mathematics (KCTM) will award up to three grants of up to $500 each to encourage and support the efforts of classroom teachers in the development and implementation of innovative teaching strategies in the field of mathematics.  Projects do not necessarily need to be a new idea, but one that promotes the teaching and learning of mathematics in keeping with the National Council of Teaching of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards. See for additional information.

  • The Northern Kentucky Algebra Community will meet August 20th to develop learning targets for the Kentucky Core Academic Standards in Algebra.
Growth Opportunities
  • Math Recovery Intervention Specialist (MRIS) Course
    Dates & locations: Choose from one of three part a) course offerings (Building locations will be posted on the KCM Calendar as they become available):
       • August 2 to 5, Frankfort, KY. MR Leader: Cindy Aossey - CANCELLED
       • August 16 to 19, Hazard, KY. MR Leader: Gwen Morgan
       • August 17 to 20, Owensboro. MR Leader: Linda Jewell
    Part b) and c) sessions: same locations, two 3-day sessions in the fall—TBD by participants and leaders
    Cost: $2793.00 for training (all ten days with coaching visits and collegial team meetings) and materials plus $200 for the annual MIT Community membership, payable upon registration to the KCM

    For more information:  View the Flyer
  • Add+Vantage MR for K—5th Grade Teachers
    Choose between FOUR course offerings:
      • AVMR1—A: Facilitated by Cindy Aossey - August 31 to September 2
           near Lexington with two follow-up days to be determined.
        • AVMR1—J: Facilitated by Linda Jewell - August 25 to 27 in Louisville
          with two follow-up days November 4 & 5.
        • AVMR1—Ma: Facilitated by Gwen Morgan - August 23 to 26 in
          Hoskinston with one follow-up day to be determined.

    (Cancelled August 12, 2010)
        • AVMR1—Mb: Facilitated by Gwen Morgan - August 30 to September 2
          in Hazard with one follow-up day to be determined.
    (location updated July 26, 2010 to Hazard Community College)
    Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. eastern time
    Exact Locations: See KCM Calendar
    Cost: $772.50 for training and materials plus $200 for annual MIT Community membership, payable upon invoice to the KCM, NKU 305 Founders’ Hall, Highland Heights, KY 41099

    For more information:  View the Flyer -Updated August 12, 2010
  • SNAP: Individual Assessment, Improved Instruction
    Facilitator:  Cindy Aossey:
    Target audience: Preschool and primary grades teachers
    Meeting Location: See the KCM Calendar
    Dates: August 19 and 20, 2010; Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern
    Cost: $199.50 for materials and training fee (plus $200 annual MIT Community membership - see co-requisite) payable to the Kentucky Center for Mathematics, 305 Founders Hall, NKU, Highland Heights, KY  41099
    Co-requisite: Participation by at least one teacher from the school in the MIT Community, $200 annual membership fee (see MIT Community Membership)
    Housing: Holiday Inn Express, 1780 Sharkey Way, Lexington, KY 40511, $85 KCM rate includes breakfast, 859-231-0656
    For more information: 
    View the Flyer - Updated August 11, 2010
2010 Summer Professional Development Opportunities

Algebra: All Aboard! (A3)
This multi-faceted approach to teaching Algebra encourages students of all learning styles to master the big ideas and concepts. During five days in the summer and three fall follow-ups, teachers will apply the latest research to curricular and instructional strategies. Participants will practice using technology, manipulatives, vocabulary strategies, various representations, communication and connections to enhance student learning for all students. Many of the strategies and ideas gained can be used as interventions for struggling students. Participants will leave with a toolbox of over $800 worth of instructional materials to use immediately as they return to the classroom!

Understanding Fraction Concepts
Understanding Fraction Concepts (UFC) takes a conceptual approach to teaching fractions versus the procedural approach that textbooks provide. Participants will learn how to organize instruction using multiple concrete models and applying fraction ideas to real world situations so students develop a deep, conceptual understanding of fractions.

Styles & Strategies for Teaching Mathematics and Science
During this two-day workshop, participants will be introduced to The Thoughtful Classroom learning style model and will explore a number of powerful research-based instructional strategies to engage and motivate all styles of learners. The learning style model allows math and science teachers to easily incorporate differentiated learning experiences into daily lessons and unit plans. Additionally, teachers will leave with a variety of strategies that help them meet the needs of all learners in the classroom.

During the session participants will learn unique and motivational strategies that can be used as interventions to help students who struggle with the foundational concepts that are included in the Kentucky Big Idea of Number, Properties and Operations. Participants will leave with a variety of ways to assist students with being successful in learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each participant receives $200 worth of training materials so they may return to their school and immediately implement the learned strategies including a tote bag containing game cards, base ten blocks, number cubes, dice and other manipulatives!

Lens on Mathematical Learning
Do your students struggle with certain math concepts and you are unsure why? Are you aware of the learning difficulties that students might have for the concepts in math you teach as you are designing assessments and identifying learning experiences? CTS is a set of resources developed through a grant from the National Science Foundation that can be used over time by PLCs and teachers to answer these key questions and provide insight into these critical instruction design questions. Join the P-12 Math and Science Outreach Unit of PIMSER at the University of Kentucky as we host this two-day workshop to discover how CTS can be a resource for helping teachers and their professional learning communities at school better meet their student’s needs. The facilitators (Appalachian Teacher Partners) will share their first-hand knowledge of how CTS has impacted not only how they have designed instruction, but also the resulting student learning.

The Power of Learning Targets
What does it look like when balanced assessment is implemented effectively in the classroom? What are the student learning results? How did learning targets drive this transformation? Join us for this two-day session to see how two Kentucky teachers have transformed their classroom using the Classroom Assessment for Student Learning model for balanced assessment.

e-Learning Kentucky
On a regular basis, e-Learning Kentucky, a component of KY Virtual Schools, provides facilitated and interactive online PD courses. Over 4000 Kentucky educators have im- proved their content knowledge and teaching practices, in- creased their students' achievement and practiced 21st Century skills.