Kentucky Numeracy Project

Through the Kentucky Numeracy Project, the KCM has produced a growing system of resources and professional learning for teachers of numeracy. The KNP Intervention Guide contains:

  • Exemplary student learning experiences, built around the Add+Vantage MR (AVMR) constructs and levels.
  • Support for in-depth implementation of the grades K-3 Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Mathematics related to number and operation.
  • Activities that support students in enacting the Standards for Mathematical Practice.
  • Tools for professional learning and student-centered problem solving for Response to Intervention.
  • Evidence-based instructional strategies for accelerated learning, especially for developing quantitative reasoning, robust automaticity, foundations for fluency, and efficient mental strategies.
To access the KNP Intervention Guide, click this link

Find out how to use the KNP app by taking this instructional tour or reading the Quick-Start User Guide.

What Works for RTI:

Video on the panel discusion from the 2014 KCM Conference on, "Models of Successful Elementary Grades Tiered Mathematics Intervention"


Early Math Success

Recordings of the KDE-sponsored, webinar series, Early Math Success: Strategies and Interventions for Elementary Math Classroom 1,2 and 3. Hear Math Intervention Teachers present a variety of strategies to build on early numeracy, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

PIMSER Printables

There are hundreds of One-to-One Mathematics printable number and computation resources for elementary grades available on this page.

Math Tools (printables)