July 2006 

We’re looking forward to our second two-week summer session at Western Kentucky University. Below are directions to help you find your way to Bowling Green and the WKU campus. We have some wonderful trainers coming and we’re confident you’ll learn a great deal about your new role as a coach.

Download .doc or  .pdf --> This file contains important information regarding the WKU Training that starts on July 17. Maps and direction are included in the document.

Posted July 5, 2006

Update to Intervention Mailing List

We have eliminated the Intervention mailing list in favor of two separate lists; one for Number Worlds and one for the Math Recovery Program. If you have signed up for the Intervention mailing list, please re-enter your email address on the Number Worlds or Math Recovery page ( or both, if you like!). Sign ups are located under the Coaching logo in the right-hand column.

Posted July 4 , 2006