June 2006 
Number Worlds Training
  • When: June 12-16, 2006
  • Location: University of Louisville, College of Education and Human Development, Belknap Campus, Room 272
  • Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 13th for Centra Training
  • Housing: Louisville Hall, $28 per night—single room with linen service
  • Training Cost: To be paid by the Kentucky Center for Mathematics - 5 days in summer and 5 days during the school year
  • Materials Cost: See Number Worlds Website for costs per student -
  • Centra Cost: $1000 per year per teacher for materials, training and support
  • Materials, Centra cost, stipend, mileage, housing, and meal allowance to be paid by the district.
  • Schools must provide daily computer access for each child receiving intervention services through the Number Worlds program.
  • Schools must also provide substitute teachers as necessary for 5 intervention specialist training days during the school year.
ADGENDA: Download this document for details about the Number Worlds summer training activities for Kentucky teachers.  .doc (41 KB)   or  .pdf (13 KB)


Math Coaches in the News!
Here is a link to the article "To-be educators learn math methods"
     - Cincinnati Enquirer, June 13, 2006

Posted June 22, 2006

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Posted June 20, 2006

Site Change Log
To help you keep up with the updates and improvements we make to our website, we have created a site change log. The permanent link is located at the bottom of this page in the right-hand column under "Quick Links". We encourage you to check the log from time to time to see what new features and functions we've added.

Some recent changes:
- Downloadable KCM/Intervention/Coaching logos at various sizes on the About KCM page
- A link has been added in the right-hand column of the KCM, Coaching, and Intervention index pages. This link will take you to our sister site which has online activities for Coaches and Intervention Specialists.
- New search bar on the KCM index page, Coaching and Intervention pages, as well as the Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Students pages. This function searches the entire KCM website.
- Fancy new calendar implemented on the Calendar page.

Posted June 8, 2006

The first Mathematics Coaching Training Session is just one week away. We’re looking forward to meeting you, so here are directions to help you find your way to Newport, KY. We have some wonderful trainers coming and we’re confident you’ll learn a great deal about your new role as a coach.

Download .doc or .pdf --> This file contains important info regarding the Northern Kentucky Training that starts on June 5. Maps and directions are included. Additionally, here is a link to the yahoo map directions, included in the Word document.

Download .pdf  --> This file is an article about coaching. Coaches and Administrators should read it prior to coming.

Posted May 29, 2006

Coaching and Intervention Program Information
We have some training sessions coming up for the Coaching and Intervention Programs and are excited to see such an high level of interest from teachers across the Commonwealth of Kentucky! We've compiled a map showing where all of the participants hail from.

Map of the Coaches' schools/districts: .doc ( 83 KB)    .pdf ( 322 KB)

Map of Math Intervention Teachers' schools/districts: .doc ( 84 KB)    .pdf ( 325 KB)

Posted June 4, 2006

Thank You Newport
The Kentucky Center for Mathematics would like to thank the Newport Independent School Board and Mr. Brandt, Superintendent, for providing training space for the KCM coaching training, June 5--16. Please visit their award-winning website:

Posted June 4, 2006

This summer the Kentucky Center for Mathematics (KCM) will coordinate three two-week workshops to train Kentucky’s first cohort of up to 240 instructional coaches for mathematics. These two-week workshops will feature training specific to mathematics content & instruction, coaching strategies & techniques, and Kentucky mathematics initiatives.

**Download a map of the 2006-2007 Coaching Locations.    .doc (83 KB) or .pdf (322 KB)