May 2006 
Applicants will be informed this week about acceptance into the KCM Coaching Program. Applications that are incomplete will not get notification until the information they are missing is provided. Coaches with incomplete applications will be sent reminders this week too.

There will be plenty of information describing the “next steps” for each applicant that is accepted (including hotel information, daily agendas, materials to bring, etc.).

Posted May 15, 2006

KCM announces the common assessment plan for Math Achievement Fund grant recipients
The Kentucky Center for Mathematics, KCM, will require schools receiving the Math Achievement Fund grants from KDE to have all primary intervention students complete the Terra Nova/CTBS at the beginning and ending of the school year. The tests, scoring, and the shipping will be provided by KCM at no cost to the school. KCM will also require MAF grant recipient schools to administer the Harcourt Early Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment, which will be provided by KCM as well. Researchers may also be assessing teachers' beliefs about and attitudes towards mathematics as well as their mathematical content knowledge and their pedagogical content knowledge. Other researchers will also be looking at the fidelity of the intervention programs and the validity of the assessments.

Posted May 3, 2006

Information on the benefits of coaching and some ideas on how your school might fund a mathematics coach: Powerpoint (227 KB)

May 1, 2006

Download this document which has more details about Math Recovery, specifically for Kentucky teachers: .doc (60 KB) or .pdf (24 KB)
To learn more about Number Worlds summer training activities for Kentucky teachers: .doc (27 KB)   or  .pdf (8 KB)
Download this file for Number Worlds information for Kentucky Teachers: .doc (231 KB)

May 1, 2006