New KCM Website

Our website renovations have finally completed. Now it matches our new branding and colors introduced almost a year ago.

Besides the new look, things may be in different places and have slightly different names. Here are some specific changes that you need to be aware of:

  • Secured Resource Pages

    Their collective name is changing from “secured pages” to “program resource pages” or “program pages” for short. The links to these pages are also changing, but the login usernames and passwords are remaining the same. You can access the list of these pages under "Professional Learning" at the top of each page, from the Professional Learning page, and "Program Resource Pages" in the footer of each page.

  • MAF Page

    The MAF page is now accessible at the top of each page and in the footer of each page.

  • PIMSER Printables and Math Tools Pages

    These can be accessed under “Resources” in the header and footer of each page and from the Resource page.

  • Staff Login

    To log into Vieth for recording attendance, etc., use the “Staff Login” button at the bottom of each page.

Explore the new site. If you can't find something, use "search" at the top of each page to look for it. Still can't find it, contact Pam Reichelderfer at