September 2010 
KCM Front Page news postings:
  • Workshop on Proportional Reasoning at KET- Monday, September 27, from 5-8 pm ET. The workshop, led by Dr. Linda Sheffield, Regents Professor Emerita of Mathematics Education at NKU, will introduce you to Scale City, KET's online resource for middle school mathematics teachers and students (launched fall 2009), and to "Using Scale City To Teach Proportional Reasoning," a new online self-paced professional development resource debuting this year.  For more information, email Mary Duncan at or call 1-800-432-0951, ext. 7272
Growth Opportunities
  • Add+Vantage MR Course 2
    Leader:  Linda Jewell,
    Target Audience:  Mathematics Intervention Teachers who have completed AVMR 1
    Dates: September 1—3, 2010 in Louisville, KY.
    Exact Location & Housing Recommendations: See KCM Calendar.
    Time:  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. et
    Cost:  $417 for training and materials, payable upon registration to the KCM, 305 Founders Hall, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY, 41099.
    For more information:  View the Flyer