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Institute in Northern Ky
Attention Aspiring AVMR Champions!
The US Math Recovery Council will hold a regional institute in Northern Kentucky for aspiring AVMR Champions, 7/28-8/1/14. And, they are offering 3 scholarships for the institute (application deadline 4/21) and another scholarship for bringing Math Recovery to your school (application deadline 5/19). See for details.
Professional Development
The KCM is proud to announce the launch of MaRtI Middle, a FREE and new year-long experience for middle school educators!

MaRtI Middle provides educators with a greater understanding of how 6th grade students learn mathematics, evidence-based intervention strategies, and resources for identifying and analyzing student misconceptions.

Registration ends May 23, 2014.

KCM 2014 Conference
The 2014 KCM Conference
was once again a success. Thanks to all who participated as speakers and attendees!

A special thank you to KDE Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Staff Dr. Tommy Floyd who delivered an inspiring speech at the KCM Celebration Dinner. He praised Kentucky teachers as “rock stars” who are recognized across the nation for their awesome and innovative hard work and success!