Kentucky Numeracy Project Resources

Explore a FREE bank of Instructional Resources that support critical numeracy skills for grades K-4. All activities include lesson plans, student direction pages, and any printables needed for the activity.


KCM seeks to advance effective mathematics teaching and learning by providing expert-developed and delivered Professional Learning, grounded in research, centered on practice and focused on learners.

Math Resources for Families

Parents are children's first and most impactful teachers. As teachers, parents need resources to engage their students in the fun of mathematics. The KCM provides a variety of resources to do just that on our Kentucky Family Math Resources website.

Math Fact Fluency Resources

The KCM has created a companion website for Math Fact Fluency: 60+ Games and Assessment Tools to Support Learning and Retention by Jennifer Bay-Williams and Gina Kling. Access some of the games and assessment tools from the book at the Math Fact Fluency Site. Games available in both English and Spanish.

Update! Update!

Math Fact Fluency Companion Site

Exciting news from the Kentucky Center for Mathematics! Our Math Fact Fluency companion website has been updated with new engaging game versions, enhanced gameboards, and improved instruction sheets, to enhance your teaching toolkit. Plus, we've added an interactive feature for you to try out the games and make learning even more dynamic for your students! Explore these updates today and bring a fresh, fun approach to math fluency in your classroom!

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Discover the incredible milestones, initiatives, and positive changes fueled by the power of KCM. Uncover the stories of impact that showcase how mathematics is shaping education and fostering a brighter future for Kentucky!

KCM Impact Report

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Inspiration at the 2024 KCM Conference

Delve into the highlights of the unforgettable 2024 KCM Conference, where leading minds in mathematics gathered on March 4th-5th to ignite new ideas and inspire meaningful connections.

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KCM Achievements in 2023

The 2023 KCM Annual Report showcases the remarkable progress and achievements the KCM made during the year. 2023 was a year marked with exciting innovation and collaborative efforts, all aimed at transforming math education in Kentucky.

Read the 2023 KCM Annual Report

Pike County is Empowering Minds and Inspiring Futures

In the schools of picturesque Pike County, Kentucky, a transformative journey in mathematics education is underway, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Kentucky Center of Mathematics and the dedicated educators led by Mary Beth Stiltner, the Lead Supervisor for the Department of Instruction.

Read more about what is happening in Pike County

Kentucky Math Summit

The Kentucky Center for Mathematics (KCM), Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics (KCTM), and Kentucky Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (KAMTE) collaborated on a productive summit in Berea, KY on September 28, 2023. This influential event provided a platform for dedicated mathematics educators to discuss, analyze, and propose research-based solutions, with the aim of enhancing student achievement in mathematics across the state.

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Meet the KCM Faculty Associates

The Kentucky Center for Mathematics is proud to partner with these outstanding leaders in mathematics education, representing 4 different Kentucky Universities, who enrich and inspire Kentucky teachers through their expertise, passion, and love of mathematics and mathematics education. Read on to learn more about our exceptional faculty associates.

Read on to learn more about our faculty associates.

KCM in the News!

KCM Executive Director Kelly DeLong was recently quoted in two articles published by Education Week. In the article on parents' math insecurities, Kelly said, "There is no more noble use of your time than to engage your community to have a positive math mindset. It translates into children who can persevere, children who learn at the edge of productive struggle, and then children who have the skills that can define a workforce for your community."

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Good News: Committed to Coaching

Celebrating the successes of phase one, and the launch of phase two with the Mathematics Achievement Fund (MAF).

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KCM Sponsors Peg + Cat

The KCM has partnered with KET Kids to sponsor "Peg + Cat", a TV program that teaches preschoolers to solve math problems. Join Peg, Cat and their friend Ramone as they encounter unexpected challenges that require arithmetic and problem-solving skills.

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