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Since its inception in 2006, the Kentucky Center for Mathematics (KCM) has partnered with stakeholders throughout Kentucky to develop a coherent mathematics education vision for all Kentucky children. The KCM firmly believes that mathematics must never stand in the way of a child fulfilling a dream and that mathematics is an effective vehicle for developing the skills children need for college and career readiness.

To realize this vision, the KCM has worked with educators in 119 counties to develop and maintain a schoolwide culture that engages students and helps them make sense of mathematics. Through the provision of in-person learning experiences, onsite coaching, instructional materials and online resources, systemic change is taking place.

Student Impact

We have evidence of the momumental impact that KCM efforts have made on the lives of Kentucky children. Among tens of thousands of students impacted by the KCM, proficiency growth and novice reduction greatly surpass statewide averages.

Proficiency graphs

Long term results among underrepresented populations are even more pronounced as children supported by KCM programs are far more likely to develop beyond a novice understanding of mathematics.

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Annual Reports

2017 KCM Annual Report
2016 KCM Annual Report
2015 KCM Annual Report
2013 KCM Annual Report
2013 KCM Annual Report
2013 KCM Annual Report


I am just starting in my teaching career and this was my first experience seeing an algebra class from the perspective of a teacher. We were seeing the students thinking and reasoning, instead of just having the teaching giving them the info.

KCM Offerings

  • Project TECHNO
  • Mathematical Teaching Clinical Horizons (MaTCH)
Adult Education  
Having only been in teaching for less than two years, this seminar gave me tools that will increase my confidence level.

KCM Offerings

  • Math for Adult Educators (M4AE)
  • EmPower
High School  
After 11 years of teaching, while I know and attempt to continually improve—I have a clear focus on 'how' to improve.

KCM Offerings

  • Explorations in Mathematical Lessons for Algebra I
Middle School  
This was the best PD I have attended in 21 years. I had several 'A-ha' moments in understanding the standards for mathematical practice.... This was invaluable...
This PLE has helped to transform my philosophy of teaching and will definitely affect my pedagogical practice.
This experience has transformed my teaching (and I've been teaching a LONG time)!

KCM Offerings

  • Foundations for Middle Grades 6/7
  • Foundations for Middle Grade 8
  • Explorations in Grade 6 Geometry
  • Explorations in Grades 6 & 7 Integers
  • Explorations in Grade 8 Algebra
  • Explorations in Mathematical Lessons for Middle School
  • Explorations in Mathematical Lessons for Algebra I
This was on the best PLEs I have participated in within the last 20 years. Every time we met I gained valuable information to help my students in learning math and with me teaching math. I feel I have a much better understanding of math and how best to teach kids. I look forward to sharing all the information and practices I have learned to anyone who will listen.

KCM Offerings

  • Explorations in Third Grade Fractions
  • Explorations in Fractions for Grades 4 & 5
  • Comprehensive Course for Intermediate
  • Mathematics Content Coaching
Foundations for Primary Grades has been a wonderful experience that has had positive effects on my students.
Participants came to realize the difference between real fluency and memorizing facts. Many commented that they will ‘throw out the old way of teaching math’ and will encourage their colleagues to do the same.

KCM Offerings

  • Foundations Course for Primary
  • Foundations for Primary -- 2nd and 3rd Grades
  • Comprehensive Course for Primary
  • KNPI (KY Numeracy Project Intensive) / AVMR (Add+Vantage MR)
  • MRIS (Math Recovery Intervention Specialist)
  • Mathematics Content Coaching
  • SNAP
This program was excellent! I have been able to return to my classroom and implement all of the lessons immediately. This is by far the best professional development I have ever participated in for teacher learning/understanding and implementation within the classroom.
This was by far the best training I have attended in all my 25 years teaching experience. I absolutely love teaching math and I have expanded with what I have learned in so many ways.

KCM Offerings

  • Foundations for Early Childhood Mathematics


2016-2017 Highlights

2016 2017 Highlights

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For more information about the KCM, visit http://www.kymath.org/index2.php or contact kcm@nku.edu.

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